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Useful Websites...

These are links to websites that I have found paticularly helpful. The links cover things ranging from HTML to CSS. There are also some links that help with some design aspects.

CSS Generators
Can be used to generate html for numerous different things.
Browser Support
Reference to find out what tags are supported by browsers.
Gradient Genarator
Genorates html for a gradient background.
Element Index
Reference for different html elements.
List of fonts and the operating systems that they are available on.
Google Fonts
Lots of fonts that will work with any browser.
CSS Colors
Reference of color names recognized by CSS.
CSS Selectors
Reference for different CSS selectors.
Text Decorations
How to use overline, underline, and other similar things.
Columns in CSS
Explains code that is used to form text into columns.
Color Schemes
Helps with picking colors.
Helps with picking color themes.
CSS Zen Garden
Gives ideas for page layout designs.